Franchising Opportunity

As Exclusive Card expands across the UK we are delighted to be able to offer an extremely competitive opportunity for the right people to join our dynamic team and benefit from the concept and the income generated by Exclusive Card sales in your own dedicated area or even beyond.

Our business model of having individuals such as yourself running and maintaining your own area of the country will ensure that Exclusive Card very quickly becomes the market leading privilege card as there is not a single similar business out there offering the same coverage. And the best thing about this whole opportunity…..there is no purchase cost for an agency whatsoever. Once you have been accepted for an Exclusive Card agency you will pay just the first year’s agency fee of £500 or £750 (depending on territory size) and you are up and running and your business is operating. You will now be making money in no time and your income will simply recur year on year making this the best opportunity you could ever wish for.

What Is Exclusive Card?

Exclusive Card is the nation’s first discount card that offers deals across the entire spectrum of businesses and can be used anywhere in the country. Any business can be involved with Exclusive Card and benefit from totally free advertising and marketing within their own region and even nationwide.

We work with multi-nationals, small chains or independent businesses. It’s the same for all of them. It costs absolutely nothing and all they must do is offer an Exclusive deal or discount to our cardholders. It’s that simple. Everybody wins. The business receives free promotion and increased levels of business, the cardholder obtains discounts in hundreds of outlets locally and thousands nationwide and you sell amazing numbers of Exclusive Cards in your region resulting in a fantastic recurring income for you.

What Do You Have To Do?

Once you have secured your franchise territory or area (we will explain the difference later) you are ready to start. There is no question that in the same way as with any new business the workload is a little more intense at the very beginning. You will visit or contact businesses, shops, restaurants etc within your area to bring on-board as many new deals as possible. You will not find this difficult and in fact you will find it very enjoyable as most businesses love free marketing and will immediately see that Exclusive Card will bring more customers to their business.

Then via social media, leaflet drops, sales leaflets etc, you need to make your potential card holders aware that Exclusive Card is now available in the area. Once they see your promotions and those of surrounding areas and some of the national deals, your card sales will begin to drop in automatically and your income from your business has begun. That’s the hard bit done and now you are simply managing and tweaking your business as you go along.


We make it easy for you and you will never feel on your own at any time. You will have a dedicated relationship manager working for you and supporting you from head office and in many cases a regional manager who will be on hand to assist and guide you through any unexpected difficulties.

The Exclusive Card website will be kept up to date with the deals and offers that you have agreed with the partner businesses, directly from head office. You don’t have to worry about any of this. Simply tell us what deal you have agreed with a business and we will take care of the rest.

An Exclusive Card franchise business or agency is the perfect way to make a living or simply boost your existing incomes. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

An Exclusive Card Agency or Franchise?

So, what is the difference between an agency or a full franchise? Well, essentially it is only about the size of a territory/area. Both the agency option or the full franchise option are operated in the same way…as your own business… and both offer the opportunity to earn significant levels of income within your territory/area.

An Exclusive Card Agency

An Exclusive Card agency is the perfect way to start your own business for essentially no capital investment and yet receive all of the support and service that you would expect from a full franchise business. An agency would cover an individual town/city or postal area of a franchise territory.

So for example : The franchise territory will consist of a full postal code region which for this example we shall use as ‘PR’ which represents the entire Preston and surrounding area postal codes.

An agency would then consist of a town/s and the corresponding postcodes within that town. So for example the town of Southport covers the 2 postal areas of PR8 & PR9. Each of these postcodes would be available individually as an agency and have populations of 53,876 and 42,860 respectively. All agency areas would have a minimum population target audience of 30,000 people and generally closer to 50,000.

The annual agency fee for your area is determined by population and will simply be as follows:

Up to 50,000 population within your area - £500 per year agency fee

Above 50,000 population - £750 per year agency fee

We have projected your expected incomes once your area is set up.

A small area with a Population of 50,000 people

3000 card sales and income of £15,000 per year (£5.00 per card sale)

(Remember that the vast majority of these sales will simply recur in year 2 with no input at all and will add to new card sales in the area potentially doubling your annual income to £30,000)

And So, In Summary What Does An Exclusive Card Agency Offer

  • Your own business with no capital required
  • Full support from local franchisee and head office
  • An Exclusive Card agency is essentially a part time business
  • A sales opportunity where all parties actually WANT to be involved and benefit
  • Freedom to work the hours that you want and suit you
  • Increasing incomes that benefits from a recurring income year on year
  • Your business is based in your immediate locality negating any need to travel

An Exclusive Card Franchise

An Exclusive Card Franchise offers the opportunity to operate and control a whole geographic postcode region. So, for example the entire ‘PR’ postcode and to have income derived from all agents operating within this postcode.

This is a way of developing a much bigger business with significantly increased income. You can also employ further agents to any unassigned postcode areas and benefit from the annual licence fee that is paid by each agent in addition to all card sales within the region. If sufficient agents are employed within the region a franchisee could simply be managing the agents within the territory creating a significant annually recurring income.

Once again, we would suggest that a Franchise region chosen should be that of the closest geographical location to where you live to negate significant travel requirements. A Franchise region however does come with a level of initial investment of between £4,000 - £15,000 (depending on territory size) but represents incredible value for a business that has very realistic potential earnings in excess of £100,000 per annum that will recur year on year with little extra input or work.

No specific skills or qualifications are required to operate your Exclusive Card franchise but generally good communication and conversational skills will make you significantly more successful.

And So, In Summary What Does An Exclusive Card Franchise Offer

  • Your own business putting you in control of your own geographic region and agents
  • Full support from head office and a dedicated relationship manager
  • A business where all parties actually WANT to be involved and benefit
  • An Exclusive Card Franchise should be a full-time occupation but allows you the freedom to have flexible hours and control your own life
  • Significant and almost unlimited income opportunity which will recur year on year making budgeting for your lifestyle very easy
  • Very low capital investment requirement for a franchise with this earning potential
  • Expansion opportunities for additional territories

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